23rd of January 2017 12:23 PM Link
About Time! We love defender so seeing good UI Updates is Great!
2nd of December 2016 08:16 AM Link
This is a snapshot from our computer monitoring system that we use to monitor business servers and desktops for some of our customers. Notice what's inside the red oval. This morning one of the monitored servers started throwing lots of errors when writing to one of the drives. We have a replacement drive already on the way. Due to this customer utilizing our monitoring service, they will experience zero downtime due to a failed drive - and we won't get an emergency call because their business is dead in the water. I love it! The gray block on the left is just there to block out customer and system names.
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1st of December 2016 01:31 PM Link
This is interesting. I haven't personally seen it, but this is an interesting article talking about "Gooligan", which is a malware program that can infect mobile devices running Android 4 or 5. A good reminder to know what you're installing.