If you're a small business owner needing experts to manage your network, we can help you. We have many years of experience building networks from the ground up, as well as managing all aspects of a business network, from installing additional hardware to network security hardening. Here's a list of just a few things that we have experience managing:

  • Windows Servers - All versions
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Network Firewalls/Routers
  • Remote Access
  • Server Monitoring
  • Data Backup
  • The bottom line is, we have the skills required to manage every component of your network, and do it reliably and cost effectively. We have service agreements available that will blow the competition out of the water both in terms of what we will do under an agreement, and what it will cost you. We guarantee that we will bring sanity and business rules to your network management. We've been doing it for hundreds of people, for years!

    It is often difficult for small businesses to justify hiring someone to take care of their IT systems on a full-time basis when they have less than fifty PCs on their network. Usually that work is placed on the shoulders of someone who is already very busy with other duties, but who has an interest in "learning that computer stuff".

    The difficulty inherent to this approach is that your business is dependent on IT technology which in turn is dependent on the skills of someone who has actually been trained to do other things. When things go wrong, it takes much longer to resolve the issue because of the absence of necessary skills. This can be extremely costly in terms of interruption to your normal business.

    Why not outsource those tasks to someone who can effectively manage your network, and not only get you back up and running when things go wrong, but assist you in managing things in a way that helps prevent those problems in the first place?

    We do this all day, every day, for many other folks just like you.