If you are thinking about installing security cameras, we can help. We have experience installing cameras and connecting them to an existing network. We will provide you with a complete, working, turn-key system when finished.

So often people wait till AFTER a security event has happened before they seriously consider using security cameras. One of our customers runs a trailer business with over half a million in inventory on his lot. When we asked him if he would consider using security cameras, he didn't think it was necessary. Less than a year later, someone stole 4 trailers in one night, with a total value of over $40,000. Shortly after that, we installed a security camera system for him, and he has been very happy with the video that it provided when reviewing several security events since then.

When we are finished, you will be able to monitor your security cameras right from your smart phone! We use these systems to secure our own business, and have successfully used it to catch shoplifters.


The cameras we use have a built in microphone. The recordings are pretty clear. ExNo options available for external mic's
Yes. They also work with standard POE 802.3af ethernet switches.
It is 3MP, but typically it is hard to measure video quality in MPixels, 1080p video only needs a 2MP sensor. More megapixels does not mean better quality to video, or even pictures for that matter. The size of the sensor also factors. The camera's can record 1080P video at 30 frames per second.